In the performance of Tow, I wanted to address human conflict.

Even though we are all genetically the same, human beings have always found way to separate and divide themselves. It seems like we look for ways to do this, when instead we should be spending our time learning from one another, accepting one another, and loving one another.

The inspiration for TOW came from my interest in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and from my trip to Israel many years ago.
I was joined together with fellow artist Basem Hassan by a chain that was threaded through a pipe in a wall that separated us. The wall that I constructed was a replica of the Israeli wall that some have referred to as the “anti terrorist fence” or the “racial segregation fence”.

Over the course of 4 hours, we both attempted to pull away from each other to create distance which in turn, resulted in a never-ending stalemate. Fake glass vases were placed on a shelf that was part of the wall. On both sides of the conflict, innocent and fragile lives are involved.